Thursday, 23 January 2014

Home assignment 2014--pretty much final schedule

Well, a lot has happened since my last post in September.  I am now on home assignment in the U.S., visiting friends and supporters and churches around the country.  Here is a list of the places that I will be stopping along the way...

January 7-29:  Intercultural Communication course at MVNU
January 5 AM:  Adrian COTN (MI)
January 12 AM:  Lakeholm COTN
January 12 PM:  Shepherd's House COTN
January 19 AM:  New Carlisle COTN
January 19 PM:  Crestline COTN
January 26 AM:  Lower Lights Community COTN
February 2 AM:  Castleton COTN (Indy)
February 2 PM:  Grace Point COTN (Indy)
February 5:  Fortville COTN (Indy)
February 8-9 AM:  New Castle 1st COTN (Indy)
February 9 PM:  Westside COTN (Indy)
February 12:  Livingston Christian Schools (MI)
February 12:  Fowlerville COTN (MI)
February 15-16 AM:  Fawn Grove COTN (MD)
February 23 AM:  Westridge COTN (TX)
February 25:  Small group JPS (TX)
February 26:  Cove COTN (TX)
March 1-16:  Arizona district tour
March 23 AM:  Brunswick COTN
March 23 PM:  Tiffin COTN
March 26:  Arlington COTN
March 30 AM:  Calvary COTN (WV)
March 30 PM:  Straight Creek COTN (KY)
April 6 AM:  Pickerington COTN