Friday, 6 February 2009

Orientation and such

Hard to believe that I have been here almost three weeks now!  Official "orientation" is wrapping up.  This past week I began my days by rounding on the OB ward, and then on to the outpatient clinic for the rest of the morning.  I felt quite rusty with my medicine at first and it seemed like I was referring to my reference books for every patient I saw.  Thankfully that is getting better!  We see a variety of things from low back pain to malaria to pregnancy to...  The outpatient docs also cover the ER.  I have drained pus out of a multitude of body parts just this week.  Oops... sorry to you non-medical folks out there.  I also scrubbed on two c-sections this weekend!  It is good to be back in the OR.

Afternoons were filled with Pidgin study.  Margi was my language tutor.  We spent hours conversing (or Margi talking and making a feeble attempt to talk back), reading, singing, etc. all in Pidgin!  I feel that my comprehension has really improved, although I have not completely achieved getting the words out in the correct order.  The patients and hospital staff are all very helpful!  I think they appreciate my attempts to speak their language.  So official instruction is now complete, but I will continue studying on my own.

I am unpacked and settled, getting into the routine of this place.  My roomie Becky has only been home briefly, but I so enjoyed my time with her.  I am so happy that we are sharing a home.  Still working on my cooking skills, which after years of working like a crazy women had pretty much shriveled up and blown away.  I did venture to make tortillas, salsa, and sour cream this week.  Yes, I made sour cream.

Looking back over these weeks... so far so good!  I really do feel like I am home :).  Thanks for your notes and prayers.


  1. I so love reading your updates! Thank you for taking the time to write them and to load pictures! Love you bunches.....

  2. OK, draining pus is pretty gross...better you than me :o)