Friday, 13 March 2009

Fun times :)

So what does one do for fun when you live in the middle of the bush?  Oh, there are plenty of good times to be had around here.  

Take Friday night, for example.  Hop from house to house and you will find missionary friends and volunteers gathered for pizza and games.  Watch out for Becky Wallace... she really knows her Bible trivia!  Of get yourself moving with a game of ping pong courtesy of "The Complete Works of Charles Dickens."

Sometimes we have a special movie night, such as the recent showing of Princess Bride at the Bennett home.  We also had a ladies' evening with Jane Austin.  We enjoyed fondue goodies and the BBC's most recent edition of Sense and Sensibility.

One of our biggest events since my arrival was a mystery dinner, complete with character costumes.  The "who done it" evening was a blast!  Here I am with Judy and Becky Wallace... the three "Tiaras."  And BTW, WE were the guilty ones ;).  Who would have guessed?

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