Saturday, 23 May 2009


It is not uncommon for PNGians to name their children after someone they know, and sometimes this is one of the missionaries.  There are little Bills and Scotts and Judys running around all over the place here.  There are even two “Doctor Beckys” (yes, first name is “Doctor)... one named after Becky Morsch and one after Becky Wallace.

As of this week, there  are now two Stephanies (besides me)!

The first was one of twins that I delivered a couple of weeks ago.  I had seen the mom in clinic a couple of times and then did her c-section.  She brought the babies back to see me this week... to give me a hand made bilum (woven bag) and tell me about my namesake!

I learned about the Stephanie #2 yesterday.  Remember Robert, the Bible college student?  He and his wife, Kauantz, adopted a baby girl just this week.  They have been married 13 years and don’t have any children of their own.  Some pastor who already had 4 or 5 girls just had another one, so the pastor and his wife gave the baby to Robert and Kauantz.  They brought the baby to the hospital yesterday for a minor illness.  I bumped into them and invited them down to our house for tea.  They asked me if it would be OK to name the baby after me!  Wow, what a joy.


  1. Steph,
    What an honor that is and how proud you must be but you are worthy. God bless you and the family and little Steph.

  2. Wow! That's great to have little ones named for you. It is not only an honor, but a challenge to give your utmost for His highest so that in time those children can see in you the One who has made all of us His own adopted children. That these children have names already is a great indication of the hope that their families have that the Lord will strengthen these little ones and keep them healthy. Just as those parents have recognized these babies by naming them, God has recognized each of us and named us as His own. As Dr. Bill McCoy said, "He knows each of us by name, and when we suffer He is moved with deep compassion...He is always redeeming, always saving, always rescuing". Thank you, God! Congratulations, Dr. Steph!