Thursday, 3 September 2009

Faith comes by hearing

Some of you have already met Robert.  And to those of you who haven't, let me introduce you.  He is a 3rd year student at Melanesia Nazarene Bible College, which is just down the road from Kudjip.  Over the past few months, I have gotten to know Robert and Kauntz. Here is a bit of their story...

Robert and Kauntz come from a somewhat more remote place in PNG, what they refer to as the "big bush."  Robert was born with a problem in his right eye, and has never really been able to see from that side.  He later developed a cataract in his left eye which even further impaired his vision.  Robert felt a call to ministry, and despite the challenges of his disability he followed the Lord's leading and went to Bible college.  Kauntz has never attended school.  Robert taught her to read the Bible so that she can help him study and prepare his sermon for Sunday service.  This works well most of the time, but recently Kauntz was experiencing some headaches and was unable to help Robert with his work.  Thankfully, her headaches have now resolved.

A few months ago, a couple of our missionaries shared about Robert's story during a church service back home in the States.  The people in the church were moved by this story and gave money to purchase a Proclaimer, which is sort of an audio New Testament.  It even comes in Pidgin!  It can be charged through a power cord, but also by hand crank or solar power which is great for bush kind of places.

The Proclaimer recently arrived in PNG.  Robert came by this week and I was able to present this special "radio" to him.  You should have seen his joy!  He was so excited as I showed him the various buttons to make it work.  A big smile spread across his face when he heard the Bible in Pidgin.  He stopped by again today to send a big thank you to those who provided this Good News gift.  He had used the Proclaimer to prepare for this morning's class devotions.  He had set the machine to play his text from Matthew 7:7.  All of the other students were amazed at his new Bible!

So to the Liberty, Missouri Church of the Nazarene, thank you for your gift... from Robert and Kauntz, and the many lives that they will reach with the Word of God.

"Consequently, faith comes from hearing the message, and the message is heard through the word of Christ."
~ Romans 10:17


  1. Wow, what an awesome story. God is so amazing. I'm so excited for him. Thanks for letting us know. Now, I expect your next awesome story to be about how God gets your power plant working again.

  2. Cool beans! I can just imagine his face on getting the Proclaimer! Thank you for sharing!

  3. ditto on "cool beans!" :) :) that is SO cool... didn't know such a thing existed. what a joy :)