Friday, 30 October 2009

Dominoes and hippies and astronauts... oh, my!

Some cultural traditions that we grew up with in America have no corollary in Papua New Guinea, but we like to celebrate them anyways.  So we white skins observe October 31st with an annual "harvest party."

As night began to fall, dominoes and hippies and Dorothies and robots and astronauts began to emerge from their homes and walk across the mission station toward the park on top.  We were quite a spectacle, you can be sure.  A bit embarrasing in my opinion.  But it was also a joy to make the PNGians laugh :).  My sis would be so proud of me!

My costume for the evening was "static cling."  I chose this particular costume mostly because it gave me an excuse to spike my hair.  Here I am with the girls, Erin the astronaut and Dorothy a.k.a. Becky 2.
Scott Dooley came as his wife Gail who came as her husband Scott.  Wow.  No... WOW.
I got a kick out of Andy Bennet's Master Card costume.  I appreciate his sense of humor.

There were lots of goodies including peanut butter balls (NOT buckeyes), carmel corn, and homemade candy corn.  We cooked hobo dinners on the coals of the camp fire and roasted the world's largest marshmallows.  The marshmallows were courtesy of my LINKS church in Copperas Cove, Texas.  Thanks, Cove Church of the Nazarene!
For more pics of our very fun evening, check out the photo album "What we do for fun in PNG."

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