Saturday, 28 November 2009

Jingle all the way

The Myers family loves Christmas.  And I love that they love Christmas!  Walking into
 their home during this season is like walking into a winter wonderland... it is beautifully decorated with Christmas trees and snowmen and angels.

They also have quite a selection of holiday movies, from the classics like Miracle on 34th Street to some more recent productions such as The Santa Clause.  It is their tradition to try and watch each one during the Christmas season.

On Saturday evening, the Myers invited the "young people" over to kick off the Christmas movie marathon.  Becky 2, Erin, Rachel and Jordan, Riley who is one of our current volunteers, and I (glad that I still qualify, though I am the oldest of the group) all gathered at the Myers home.  Due to a malfunction with the original choice, we settled on "Jingle All the Way" with Arnold Schwarzenwhatever.  I had to google to see how to spell his name, so I am just going to leave it as that.  Funny to think that this guy is now the governor of California.  It was a merry evening of holiday cheer!

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