Saturday, 22 May 2010

Extreme Makeover: PNG Edition

This past week, seven of my roomie's family members traveled around the world to PNG:  Becky's dad and stepmom came from Florida; sister from Tennessee; brother and sister-in-law, niece and nephew-in-law from the Kansas City area.  They had been dreaming about a family trip to PNG for some time.  And this is the year that it all came together!  Everyone was excited to see and experience Becky's adopted home.  They also came wanting to minister to her in a special way.  Since the inside of our house was in terrible need of repainting, this became the designated mission project for the week.  Over about five days, the house was turned upside-down and inside-out, walls scraped and washed and repainted.  I'll just call it "Extreme Makeover:  PNG Edition."  Once the dust settled and things were put back in place, the end result was beautiful.  I love the freshly painted walls!  Thanks to the Morsch family for your service, and for allowing me to share in the blessing.
From "Survivor" to "Extreme Makeover," my life has been one reality TV show after another over these past few months!  Stay tuned for next month's episode of "Amazing Race" as I travel home to Ohio for some family time :).

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  1. LOVE IT :D what a blessing from them. thanks for the pics! i'm guessing brutus took them. ;)