Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Pray for our heart kids

Well, this is it.  After months of emails and phone calls and doctors appointments, our "heart kids" (children with congenital heart disease) are soon to be on their way...

Maryanne has already left for Port Moresby.  She has a PDA--patent ductus arteriosus.  She should be having her procedure this week :).  Konde will also be going direct to Port Moresby.  I diagnosed him with pneumonia a few days ago.  Pray that his infection completely resolves so that he will be able to have surgery.

We have five other children who will be traveling to Lae to see the cardiologist:  Kenneth, Klara, Romania, Neola, and Isaac (baby of Sandra).  Those who pass the screening will fly to Port Moresby for surgery by Operation Open Heart.  Pray for the kids and their families as they travel.  And pray for the OOH team as they care for little ones from all over PNG!

Romania came for one more doctor visit before going on her trip.  Here she is with her parents and me and Dr. Becky.  Isn't she precious?

"May he strengthen your hearts..."
~ 1 Thessalonians 3:12

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