Friday, 10 August 2012

OSU vs. Texas

Ohio State and University of Texas aren't what I would consider traditional rivals.  For Ohio State it is the University of Michigan.  And Texas does battle with both Texas A&M and Oklahoma.  Both football teams do have quite a reputation and have made it to the national championship on more than one occasion.

As a Buckeye living in Longhorn territory, I was subject to just a bit of harassment for my loyalties.  All in good fun, of course.  Most of the teasing came from my friend Jake, who is a die-hard UT fan.  Bordering on insanity, in fact.  The Carters, my adopted family in Fort Worth, also liked to give me a hard time.  Once upon a Ohio State game they kidnapped Brutus the Buckeye-head and threatened to sell him on e-bay to a fan of the opposing team.  Poor, poor Brutus the Buckeye-head.  But the effects of the trauma were only temporary.  He became friends with mini-Bevo and they now share a spot on my bed in PNG.

Well it so happened that in 2005, our two teams got to go head to head in Austin.  Jake and his wife Lisa invited me to the game.  I was a tiny speck of scarlet and gray amidst a sea of burnt Orange.  Oh, what fun!  If my memory serves me correctly... the Longhorns, who were used to blowing away every team they played, got spanked.  Unfortunately they returned the favor the following year in Columbus.

I was seeing patients in clinic last week when this guy walked into my room wearing a Longhorn t-shirt that he bought at second hand.  And on a day that I was wearing my Ohio State shirt.  I couldn't help but take a picture.  This one is for you, Jake :).

O-H... I-O!!!


  1. Steph, that is hilarious, and I think God using that to give you a smile that day!

  2. Oh, how funny. Whenever a patient or her spouse come into my office wearing a Cal Berkeley hat or shirt, I tease that them they need to go home and change before I will see them. Although one time I went into a dentists office and his entire staff was wearing Cal Berkeley scrubs and I complained. I think he charged me double.