Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Operation Warm Baby

"Operation Warm Baby" is a project that was started by the Nazarene Hospital Foundation.  Many moms in PNG have little to clothe or care for their new baby.  Operation Warm Baby is helping to provide much needed items!  Here is what is included in a warm baby pack:  1 onesie, 1 sleeper, 1 hat, 1 pair of socks, 2 cloth diapers and 2 pins, 1 blanket, 1 wash cloth, and 1 bar of ivory soap.

Under the direction of Rachel Bergin, the students and teachers of Livingston Christian School ( in Pinckney, Michigan are taking on Operation Warm Baby!  Rachel is my Dad's cousin and a former teacher at LCS.  The school has already started collecting items for the warm baby packs and will be sending them on to the nursery at Kudjip Hospital.

This past week, "Dr. D" (that's me!) spent a few days at LCS.  I shared with the kids about Papua New Guinea and the work of the hospital.  They learned a few phrases in Pidgin English such as "Hepi Krismas!"  The elementary classes drew some beautiful pictures that will be included in the warm baby packs.  The older grades helped to sort, snap, fold, and package the baby items.  (See photo album "Operation Warm Baby.")

It was a great week.  I was so impressed by the students, and blessed by their excitement about PNG and for Operation Warm Baby.  It was such a privilege for me to be a part of this project as it was initiated.  And this is just the beginning an ongoing partnership between LCS and Kudjip Hospital!

A special thanks to Mr. Nast, the administrator at LCS.  I appreciate your passion for teaching the kids about giving, missions, and sharing Jesus.  And to Rachel, who has already given so much to Operation Warm Baby.  May God bless you many times over.

For more information about Operation Warm Baby and other ongoing projects in support of Kudjip Hospital:


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