Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Round the world in 80 days

It's too bad that you can't get frequent flier miles for driving your car.  Although I've covered more than a few air miles over the last few months as well!  My travels have taken me from the Florida coast to the tip of Texas, all the way up to Minnesota, and everywhere in between.  I feel as though I have been round the world (a couple of times) in 80 days!

Despite the craziness of being on the road, I have certainly enjoyed deputation.  It has been a time to share with the churches what God is doing in Papua New Guinea.  (Althought I will admit I am getting a bit tired of hearing myself talk!)  I have made many new friends, and had the opportunity to catch up with old ones.

Lurae and I met during my year in California.  We both attended Loma Linda and were in the MPH program there, and shared more than a few adventures... Peru, Eastern Europe, and Disney Land, just to name a few!  I had not seen my friend since we left Cali in 2000.  More than eight years later, and a husband and two kiddos for Lurae, we finally got together!  I detoured up to Minnesota and enjoyed a visit with her family for a couple of days.  Brrrrrr it is cold up there in Minnesota!

Lurae is only one of the many friends I have been able to visit with during this time!  My other reunions have included Jake (from residency) and Lisa in South Texas, the docs where I trained in Austin, Camela and Bryan and family in Indiana, Todd and Christie and fam in Ohio, Jeff and Laura and fam in Indiana, and Heather who visited me here in KC!  It has been such a blessing to reconnect with these old friends over the past couple of months.


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  1. You ought to get "frequent driving miles". Maybe that translates into gas discounts from specific oil companies you frequent while on the road ...