Thursday, 22 January 2009

Home sweet home PNG

An overnight flight on Monday evening took me from Singapore and into Port Moresby, the capital of PNG.  I arrived early in the morning, waited in the immigration line for an hour, and easily breezed through customs.  My layover was brief, and within two hours I was boarding for the final leg of my journey.  The flight from Moresby to Mt. Hagen is one of my favorites.  The mountains are absolutely breathtaking, especially as you come down into Hagen valley.  I felt the excitement welling up within me as we came in for the landing.  I'm home, I thought.  Marsha, veteran missionary and wife of medical director Dr. Bill, was at the airport to collect me.  We loaded my busting-at-the-seams suitcases into the Land Rover and drove about 45 minutes down the Highlands Highway to the village of Kudjip.

We turned onto the mission station and took a left at the round about.  My place is about 1/4 mile "down below," which is actually North but a lower elevation that the other side of the station.  The driveway was lined with colorful plants.  Marsha pointed out several citrus trees... lemon and lime, and maybe even an orange tree.  The huge front porch was decorated with a "Welcome Stephanie" sign designed by the missionary kids or "MKs."  (I have instantly become an "auntie" to about 10 kids!  How cool is that?)  Walking through the front door I got the first glimpses of my new house.  It is spacious with 3 bedrooms, one of which serves as an office, and one bath.  The yard is blossoming with tropical flowers, and we have a monstrous garden out back!  I just love the place.  Check out the "Home sweet home PNG" album for some pics of the place.

My new roomie is actually an old friend:  Dr. Becky Morsch.  Becky and I took some classes together at Loma Linda University when I was studying for my MPH.  Who knew that we would someday be house mates?  Becky is a physician trained in preventive medicine.  She works with the Community Based Health Program here in PNG and several other countries in the region.

Our other housemates are Peter and Meki, Becky's cats.  Peter thinks I am his best friend and purrs non-stop.  After his recent move is a bit scared to go outside.  Meki makes an appearance for her breakfast in the morning and then wanders off to who knows where.

Here are my thoughts as I settle into this place.  I am excited about having a place to call my long term home!  I thank the Lord for providing such a beautiful one.  I pray that this place really will become home.  And I pray for God to fill me to overflowing with love for the people of PNG, that they will be my people.

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  1. I LOVE readying about your home!!! God is so good!~ We pray for you daily!