Sunday, 18 January 2009

Singapore stopover

Sarah is one of my oldest friends!  We first met when my family moved to Mount Vernon, to the apartment building where her family was living.  Sarah was just 2 years old, and I was 3.

Sarah moved to Singapore a couple of years ago to teach at an international school.  When I received my assignment, we made plans for me to stop and visit on the way Papua New Guinea.  And God definitely worked some miracles to make that possible (which is another story entirely).

I arrived in Singapore very early Saturday morning.  Sarah was there to collect me and all of my belongings.  We took a taxi to the west side of the city where she shares a condo with two other gals.  We had a few hours of sleep and enjoyed a very lazy Saturday morning.  Sarah fixed Texas-sized French toast for breakfast and then we headed out to see a bit of her city.  First Stop was Sarah's favorite spot:  Clarke Quay (pronounced "key") is a collection of restaurants and shops along the river.  Apparently Singaporeans really love themed restaurants.  There was the "Highlander" where waitresses wore tiny little kilts.  And "Clinic" where hospital beds served as seating around the tables.  Interesting.  From Clarke Quay we took a bum boat ride down the river to the Esplanade.  We paused to have our picture taken in front of the Merlion, the half mermaid half lion creature that is the symbol of Singapore.  We concluded our tour with a stop at the famous Raffles Hotel.  At $35 per person, we decided to skip high tea and settled for a cup of tea in the bakery.  That counts in our book :).

On Sunday morning we caught the bus to church.  After service we joined up with Dave and Kim Hane (missionaries working Asia-Pacific office, Church of the Nazarene) and their kids, David, and 15 Chinese students who are living and studying in Singapore.  The Hanes open their home every Sunday.  Kim fixes lunch for the whole crew.  Sarah, Dave, and David are leading the students in a Bible study.  It was such an amazing day, and I am so glad that I could be a part.

Sarah took a day off on Monday so that we could spend a few more hours together before I headed out to PNG.  We shopped along Arab street and had a delicious lunch at a Turkish restaurant.  Our final stop was China town to buy some tea.  It was buzzing with preparations for Chinese New Year.

Singapore is such an amazing array of cultures and people.  It so enjoyed seeing the city through the eyes of someone who is living there.  But mostly, I enjoyed time with my friend.


  1. Dear Steph,
    That was so cool that you got to spend some time with Sarah and go along the (food court) Clarke Quay. I would have loved doing just that. Sampling everything along the way. I like trying different cuisine. I'm a risk taker, somewhat.
    I'm glad you finally made your destination and was praying for your long awaited arrival. Now your journey really begins. Hope you get settled in and all that goes smoothly.
    I was going through some boxes I had moved from Mount Vernon to here at the farm and came accross a couple of your letters and pictures you had sent back in 2004 when you were where you are now. I thought that was kinda appropriate for this time in your life. I sat your pictures up above my desk so I can see them every day to remind me/us that you may be half way around the world but thinking of you often. Now I'm sure you will be sending some new pictures for us to look at and admire as you get settled in. You know, first things first.
    Got to spend some time with your Mom and Dad Sunday. They took me to lunch and we got caught up on things. We hadn't talked since Thanksgiving because of all the busyness ( is that a word) of their jobs and your debutations etc. So it was good to sit and catch up.
    Were you suprised to see Ami last Tuesday? That must have been a real special time.
    Well, I'll close for now and wait to hear from you.

    In Him

    Norm & Phyllis

  2. Stephanie I am so glad that you made it. I left a message on your phone that you no longer own so maybe your brother will listen to it. I left it the day that you left just for you to tell us that you were delayed a day. I pray for you daily and can't wait to see pictures of your new home. Curious if PNG has any thoughts about our new president! can't wait to hear from.

    Gina and family

  3. i loved reading this! sounds like SUCH a wonderful time!