Thursday, 6 August 2009

Green paw

Thursdays are my half days off.  After rounds I leave the hospital and doctor responsibilities behind for the rest of the day.  The remainder of the morning is occupied by piano lessons.  I am the teacher and I have two very excellent students, Allison Dooley and Lydia Radcliffe.  I will have to write a separate story about that someday.  Afternoons are filled with a variety of activities such as baking bread, catching up on emails and blogs, reading, and working in the garden.  Oh, and of course... keeping Brutus the Wonder Dog out of trouble.

During the other week days when I am working at the hospital and Becky at the field office, Brutus spends his time in what I refer to as "The Slammer" (a.k.a. laundry room).  When we are at home for lunch or evenings or days off, we try to maximize his time outside.  If I am around to keep an eye on him, he is allowed to roam around the yard a bit.  He is especially fond of the garden with all of the hills and barrettes and dirt.

Being that today is Thursday, I decided to spend the afternoon pulling weeds in the garden.  Due to a bit of neglect on my part and plentiful rain, there was a rather dense jungle attempting to take over the blackberry patch.  Not our precious blackberry patch!  Becky and I rather enjoy our blackberry pies, so these bushes deserve a little extra care.  Since I was working outside, Brutus was taken off his chain and given a bit of freedom.  He was curious as to what in the world I was up to.  Well, more than curious... he wanted to help.  Apparently my dog has a green paw.  We played tug of war with the garden gloves and fetch with the weeds (I would throw them out and he would bring them back to me).  He ate weeds and dirt and sticks and whatever else he could find to munch on, and then collected a pile of snails for dessert.  Really, watching Brutus weed the garden was so comical I made hardly any progress on the weed jungle.  It was well worth the fun :).

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