Sunday, 12 December 2010

Sweet P vs. the Christmas decorations

Becky and I (and Pete and Brutus and Herbie) recently welcomed a new member to our family.  Meet our new kitten, "Princess Buttercup" or "Sweet P" for short.
Sweet P has quickly adjusted to her new surroundings.  She loves her mamas and the big house to run and jump and play in.  Wow, she is an energetic little ball of fuzz.  She wasn't too fond of her big brother Brutus at first, but the are on their way to becoming the best of friends.  Their favorite game is hide and seek.  Sweet P hides and Brutus seeks.  Her other brother Pete has been pouting ever since her arrival and refuses to come into the house, even for a can of tuna.

In Sweet P's opinion, the best things about her new house are the Christmas decorations:  the strings of lights, the nutcracker, sheep from the nativity, and of course... the Christmas tree.  I have found her half way to the top on more than one occasion.  Those shiny ornaments are just too tempting!  I hope that someday she will chase rats with the same enthusiasm.


  1. Love it! Can't wait to meet them in person! :-) Not long now....

  2. What a beautiful cat! Yes, my new kitty (well,l they're not new, but we got new kitties in Feb after Boo Boos died :( ) loves to sit on the Christmas tree about a foot from the top. Apparently the views from there are spectacular! Pets are so much fun!

  3. Is the dog in the picture a Lab? We had one at one time but he suffered from separation anxiety and we had to get rid of him.

    Darron Farmer