Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Hello, 2011!

Hello, world!  I am back from my blogging holiday...  

On December 22nd, I welcomed my Mom and Dad (Karen and Steve Doenges) to PNG--their first trip to this wonderful country I now call "home."  We had an incredible visit over the past three weeks.  They helped to fix up our house, tried some new foods, celebrated Christmas, spoiled me and Beck, met my PNG friends and family, enjoyed the mountain views, went to bush church and the market, Skyped with their grandson, and even got away to the booming metropolis of Mt. Hagen.  We had such a precious time together.  I loved being able to share this place with them.
I took Mom and Dad to the airport on January 11th, and said goodbye with just a few tears.  They flew down to Port Moresby for a night.  Yesterday they flew on to Brisbane where they were hoping to spend a day exploring the Down Under.  Unfortunately, Brisbane is experiencing record-breaking floods.  I imagine that put a major damper on their plans.  They will be heading on to America this afternoon.

Dad has been recording his experiences and thoughts over the last couple of weeks.  I thought that you might enjoy his perspective on PNG, so I have invited him as a "guest blogger."  Many of my posts in the near future will be his stories, with a few of my own in the mix.  Coming soon!

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