Thursday, 15 September 2011

Happy Independence Day to PNG

September 16th is Independence Day for Papua New Guinea.  The country turns 36 this year!

The celebration in PNG is bit different than July 4th, at least in the rural area where we live.  There are no fireworks or parades.  (Did you know that if you throw a piece of bamboo into the fire it cracks like a firework?  Minus all the brilliant lights and colors.)  Sometimes there are games like rugby or basketball, but things are pretty quiet this year.  I did see a few patients and family members wearing shirts with the colors of the flag.  We had a lovely presentation of the national anthem by the staff and students on D-ward!  It really was beautiful.  And Dr. Jim serenaded the entire hospital with the same tune on his trumpet.

Happy Independence Day, PNG!

National Anthem of Papua New Guinea

O arise all you sons of this land,
Let us sing of our joy to be free,
Praising God and rejoicing to be
Papua New Guinea.

Shout our name from the mountains to sees--
Papua New Guinea;
Let us raise our voices and proclaim--
Papua New Guinea.

Now give thanks to the good Lord above
For His kindness, His wisdom and love
For this land of our fathers so free,
Papua New Guinea.

Shout again for the whole world to hear--
Papua New Guinea;
We're independent and we're free,
Papua New Guinea.


  1. Before independence, wasn't PNG a British territory? Are they still connected to the British gov., like Canada? Haven't you mentioned celebrating the queen's b'day?

  2. Most recently (until 1975) PNG was under the governance of Australia. The Britts were probably in there somewhere, too, but I am a bit sketchy on my PNG history. And yes, we are still part of the Commonwealth. Long live the Queen!