Sunday, 25 December 2011

Hong Kong

OK, these upcoming blogs are loooooooong overdue.  About 3 months so.  I need to get back into the swing of things!  Tomorrow I leave for my next district tour (North Central Ohio).  I am waiting for laundry to dry before I can finish packing, so now is as good a time as any.

My journey home to America began mid-December.  I was blessed to travel with the Dooley family, who were also headed to home assignment.  We spent a couple of days in Hong Kong.  WOW... what a city.  The first 24 hours were rather traumatic for we FOBs (Fresh Out of the Bush).  Once we figured out how to take the subway, we had an awesome time!  Here are a few pics of our time there.

Now this is what I imagined HK would be like!

Our first day in the city we took a cable car up to see the world's largest sitting Budda.  They weren't kidding!  He was gigantic.

Big Budda--up close and personal.

You can't go to [China] without seeing a giant panda!

My favorite stop in Hong Kong was this tea house.  None of the staff spoke English, and we (of course) didn't speak Chinese.  Lucky for us the menu was bilingual!  The pigeon came highly recommended as best we could tell from all the gesturing that was going on.  I gave it a try, but it definitely wasn't my favorite.  Scott finished it off.

Thanks to the Dooley family for letting me tag along on this adventure!  Safe travels, and see you soon in PNG :).