Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Good news from a distant land

Like cold water to a weary soul is good news from a distant land. ~ Proverbs 25:25 

One of my favorite things about being a missionary is receiving good news from a distant land. Frequently this comes in the form of emails, posts on Facebook or my blog. Thanks to all of you who who have written to me! Keep them coming. 

In this day and age of modern technology where emails are both free and instantaneous, sending a letter that will take 2-6 weeks to go around the world (if it ever arrives at all) seems rather ridiculous. The effort behind sending snail mail makes it all the more precious. A special thank you for the cards and letters! They are such a blessing to me.

I have also enjoyed several care packages from both my family and Bay City Church of the Nazarene in Texas. Boxes have been filled with items that are either unavailable or very expensive in PNG such as skirt hangers, drawer or shelf liner, guitar picks, and Post-it notes. There are also plenty of goodies like choco bake (to make Mom's hot fudge :), corn nuts, Jelly Bellies, and hot chocolate. Mom and Aim... you ROCK!

So the writer of Proverbs definitely got this one right. Good news from a distant land is really good. He was one pretty smart guy, after all.


  1. We are always so excited when we finally get a box in the mail to you and always can hardly wait to hear that you got it!!! We wish we could be a little mouse there and see you when you open it up.

  2. Yeah for you! So glad you''re enjoying your fun American goodies! Have a wonderful Jesus-filled Easter!
    ~Alison (in Kansas City)

  3. once we get the boxes in the mail it is SO hard to wait until you get it! :o :)