Monday, 6 April 2009

Repeat c-section on a repeat patient

There were a couple of patients scheduled for c-sections this past Thursday, and the other docs appointed me to be the surgeon of the morning.  The first c-section was for twins.  The next case was a scheduled repeat c-section.  I walked up to the patient to introduce myself.  "Moning!  Nem bilong me Dr. Stephanie.  Mi dokta bilong katim na rausim pikinini." or "Good morning!  My name is Dr. Stephanie.  I am the doctor who will be doing your c-section."  The patient responded (in Pidgin), "There was a doctor Stephanie who did my last c-section."  Really?  What are the chances...  When was your last c-section?  In 2005.  February 2005?  Yes, indeed I had taken care of this very patient when I was here in PNG for one month as a resident.

And the more I thought back to that month, I actually remember Temar.  She was admitted to B-ward with preterm labor and I took care of her there for a week or two.  The labor eventually progressed and her bag of water broke, necessitating delivery of the baby.  The baby was lying sideways (transverse) and could not be delivered vaginally.  I did her c-section with one of the other volunteer docs and welcomed her little girl into the world.

So four years later, I meet Temar again and deliver her second baby (which was much easier than the first if I remember correctly).  #2 was a boy :).


  1. Wow- what are the chances?! Amazing that our Lord allowed you to deliver Temar's 2nd baby!

  2. That's a great story! Did you get to meet the 4-year-old you delivered in 2005?
    P.S. Please say Happy Birthday to Katherine for me!!

  3. wow! God does have a sense of humor! =)

  4. That's pretty cool! Great to hear about your day to day life in PNG! Thanks for your entry today!

  5. That is absolutely unbelieveable. She remembered that first doctors name was Stephanie but did she know it was you? God is so amazing. God Bless you.