Sunday, 12 April 2009

Jisas i kirapim bek!

He is risen!

Easter morning began bright and early with sunrise service.  The sky was a beautiful rose color for a few moments, though living in a mountain valley you don't see much in the way of an actual sunrise.  Missionaries from across Kudjip station gathered on Bill and Marsha McCoy's front porch for a time of worship.  Kathy Radcliffe lead the singing which included the must-sing Easter hymn of "Christ Arose."  Dr. Jim and Ben graced us with a trumpet duet.  Becky Wallace sang a beautiful solo.  Several shared testimonies.  And of course any Nazarene get together would be incomplete without food:  coffee cakes and muffins and breakfast breads and fruits and hot drinks.  It was a wonderful time of celebration together.

Following service at the local church, I had some time at home and was able to talk with my sis on Skype (it's great to be a missionary in this day with the relative ease of communication) and Mom, Dad, and Grandpa for a brief time on the phone.  So good to talk with family on special days and holidays!  My roomie Becky and I were invited to Mike and Diane Chapman's for lunch, along with 12 other people.  Dinner was a collaborative effort and quite delicious.  Diane's ham was amazing.  And Becky and I contributed a couple of blackberry pies.  (Mom... thanks for the most excellent recipe!)  We are bringing blackberry something to every pot luck these days thanks to our never ending supply of fresh fruits.

But the true highlight was later that day.  Some of the missionaries arranged to show the "Jesus Film" on hospital medical ward.  There was a 1st showing on surgery ward on Saturday.  A large white sheet was stapled to the wall at the end of the room, and projector and equipment were set up on one of the nursing carts.  The lights were dimmed and patients and their friends and families began to file into the ward.  Some found seats on empty beds while others made a place on the floor.  The picture shared the story of Jesus from the Gospel of Luke, from his birth and through his life and  ministry.  Some began to cry as Jesus was betrayed, beaten, and crucified.  But the story didn't end there!  At the conclusion of the film, our chaplain shared for a few moments and gave an invitation for audience members to pray to accept Christ.  Over the two showings, 15 people became Christians and several more asked for prayer.  What a blessed way to celebrate Easter!


  1. What a wonderful way to celebrate Easter! My 6-year-old daughter asked Jesus into her heart that day, also. There is no greater joy than knowing that someone has come to understand that Jesus loves us so much that He did for us what we could never do for ourselves. Thank God for The Jesus Film and its message. And thank God for the miraculous events of that first Easter! He is risen indeed!

  2. We are celebrating with you from Jordan.

    Aunt Ruth and Uncle Louie