Monday, 4 October 2010

Happy birthday baby

Today is my mom's birthday, a very special one ;).

Mom... if you were here, I would adorn you with the official Kudjip birthday hat and sing you all 5 birthday songs.  But instead, I delivered a baby in your honor.  A very BIG baby.  Baby of Selah was born by c-section this morning.  He weighed in at a whoppin' 5 kg or about 11 pounds!  Wow, what a chunker.

Happy happy your day, Mom!

P.S.  Mom just informed me that she weighed less than half of baby of Selah when she was born.


  1. I LOVE seeing your smiling face AND Baby of Selah! :-)

  2. I'm neither a doctor or nurse. BUT . . . do they have missionaries to hold and rock newborn babies? Sign me up!!

  3. There is always room for more help in the nursery! Stop on by ;).