Saturday, 30 October 2010

Stephoscope: November 2010 Newsletter

Dear friends of PNG,

Here is my November 2010 newsletter (one day early).

There are quite a few stories about babies in the nursery.  It has been a hopin' place this past month!  (Each blue/underlined word or phrase is a link to another story if you would like to read more.)

If you are interested in maternal health, read about my patient with "a new name" and maternal mortality in PNG.

I've included some links to fun stories, too... I recently learned a thing or two about speaking English from some of our volunteers.  And yesterday we enjoyed our annual Harvest Party!  Check out the costumes :).

Thanks for your prayers for the included requests, and for the WEF Plus offering that is coming up in November.

Happy Thanksgiving!
~ steph

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