Sunday, 10 October 2010

Itty bitty

And I thought that baby of Dorothy was teeny tiny.

Well, let me introduce you to our newest arrival to the nursery...  baby of Rosa was born at home on Tuesday or Wednesday last week.  She was brought into the ER on Friday because she was having some difficulty breathing.  I was shocked to learn that this little one had been living and surviving at home for three whole days!

Baby of Rosa's admission weight was 1200 grams (2.6 pounds).  As expected she has dropped a bit to about 1125 grams (2.5 pounds).  She is on IV fluids and antibiotics, and just started feeding yesterday.  So far so good for such an itty bitty thing!  But she has a looooong way to go.

There is only one warmer in the nursery, so babies of Dorothy and Rosa are sharing a bed.  Baby of Dorothy, who is now growing like a weed, looks like a giant compared to her new roommate!

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