Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Heading out to Hewa

This is just a quick reminder to ask you to pray for the Hewa tribe (follow this link for the story) and our trip this week.

In just a few hours, we will on our way to the Hewa village.  Our trip begins at the break of dawn.  Ten travelers will be loaded into a couple of land cruisers for the drive to the Hagen airport.  We are flying with MAF to the Hewa airstrip in Enga Province.  The last leg of the journey will be by helicopter--about a 10 minute flight to our final destination.  My first ride in a helicopter!

Here is a picture of the Kudjip delgation:  Allan and Teresa Sawyer are on the left.  Allan is a volunteer OB/Gyn doctor and the organizer of the trip.  I'm in the middle.  My roomie Becky is the one in the yellow shirt.  She is the head of the Community Based Health Care program.  Matthew, on the right, is a nurse and CBHC trainer.  What a super team.

This is the most recent prayer request from Jonathan Kopf, the New Tribes missionary that we will be partnering with.
"One request is that this time will be the first time that this little group of believers will host an event like this, and they have a desire to shine Jesus to everyone who comes... Pray that the Holy Spirit gives boldness to the believers so they can speak out for righteousness and peace... Pray the people that will gather will be struck by the presence of the Lord in this place and will have a hunger to turn to the Lord of forgiveness and a relationship with him.  Your team's presence is not only going to provide much needed medical help, but it will also provide a platform on which these few believers can have an impact in the lives of the other Hewa people who come."

Thank you for your prayers!!!