Friday, 21 October 2011

Shower of seashells by the seashore

There has been a lot of excitement around Kudjip Station this week.  Our very own Dr. Becky a.k.a. Becky 2 is getting hitched!  Her soon to be betrothed is Matt Preece, a missionary and airplane engineer.  He serves with Mission Aviation Fellowship, also in PNG.  Since Becky is from the States and Matt is from Australia, they decided to have the wedding here.  What fun for all of us!

Last weekend, I opened my home to host Becky's wedding shower.  Beck and Matt are going to Hawaii on their honeymoon, so the hospitality committee decided on a classy luau kind of a theme.  Classy luau?  Yes, it can be done.  Susan, Judy, and Gailand the girls arrived with flowers, shells, and tulle.  Within moments my house was transformed into a Hawaiian paradise, and it was spectacular!  (BTW... if the whole missionary thing doesn't work out, we are going in to the party planning business.)

Our guests of honor were Becky (of course), as well as her mother and sister who had just arrived from the U.S.  Becky was bilased with a frangipani lei.

No Kudjip gathering is complete without two things--a "program" and food.  After introductions, Amy organized a couple of games.  The room was filled with laughs as teams designed wedding dresses... made out of toilet paper!  Susan quizzed Becky with the "almost newlywed game."  Gail shared a beautiful devotional about being reflections of God's love.  Erin finished up the program with a prayer for Becky and Matt.

Diane and Karla did an amazing job on the cake.  We snacked on fruit salad and homemade goldfish crackers, and drank smoothies decorated with little umbrellas :).

What a sweet time of celebration!